VIDEO PROBLEMS: Hey kids I've got the answer!

Discussion in 'Feedback & Complaints' started by Vic, Jun 10, 2008.

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    To all of you noobs that are having questions about what player to use, why you cant get the video to work, why only the audio works, why the format isn't supported, and every other question related to watching anime.

    The answer is VLC PLAYER.


    Download it here: One of many links to DL VLC

    And, if for some reason it still doesn't work, then the answer is the CCCP.


    Its a codec pack, and can be downloaded here: Codec Pack

    If those links don't work, then click here.

    Those are the two answers. They are the only two answers. If you don't like them then dont watch anime I don't care. If you like another player better then use it I don't care.

    Someone smart should sticky this. And here is a friendly link to the thread for the noobs that refuse to read important threads like this one:
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