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Jul 16, 2015
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Jul 28, 1984 (Age: 33)
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Passing my assholeness while grossly abusing powaa
College Student

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    1. Gildarts
      Vic? For real? How've you been? This is Kanon!
    2. dyne
    3. Ryuzaki
      Where you be at these days?
    4. Sakurai Sho
      Sakurai Sho
      Hey Legend. How goes watching Unicorn? Don't tell me my gundam knowledge prowess will surpass you man.

      Love you Vic. You rock my socks.
    5. Sakurai Sho
    6. xX GetaBoshi Xx
      xX GetaBoshi Xx
      alrite cool thanks
    7. xX GetaBoshi Xx
      xX GetaBoshi Xx
      yo, can ya put me in the Cowboy Bebop FC? Posted quite a while ago and haven't heard anything since
    8. realsilverjunk
      Why did I get a warning? It was a joke, no worse than any of the other stupid posts. They weren't even on the anti-Rukia subject. I request a removal of the warning.
    9. garryd
      hw r u?
    10. hossammilan
      requesting joinage in the Final Fantasy FC (there are others who would like to join also)
    11. cheesexcake
      Oh hey there
    12. Spirenergy
      Hi Vic, I'm assuming that you're a Moderator since you closed down my thread in

      I don't get why it got closed down. I NEVER(Well, sometimes I catch a glimpse of it in bookstores)read the manga and I was just assuming what would happen.I don't what had happened in the manga series. It was just an Assumption.
    13. fractal
      hi cracker!
    14. Meta
      Should we ban the popularity contest threads?
      I saw you closing one of them couple of days ago and thought about doing the same with the rest
    15. Jegan
      damn you close alot of threads
    16. alize52
      i sent u a message asking for help with my account so i wanted to let u know that i figured out what was wrong with my account so srry for inconveniencing u.
    17. RED★
      happy bday. no i dont know you; just seen you a few
    18. Bankai - Ichigo
      Bankai - Ichigo
      Hey, Vic. Sorry to be disturbing you about this, but, well, Drocr hasn't been to the Ichigo FC in, like, forever now, and I was wondering if I could make another thread and have Drocr's one closed.

      Also, if there is any way I could redeem myself and come back to Special Ops, please tell me.
    19. Grim
      well, hes ghey.
    20. Maszrum
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    Jul 28, 1984 (Age: 33)
    Home Page:,vic.html
    Passing my assholeness while grossly abusing powaa
    College Student
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    Playing Sports, Video Games, Anime.


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    You cannot get a credit card on your own.
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    You cannot sign anything remotely important on your own.
    You cannot vote, therefore have no voice.
    You cannot buy a gun to defend your home.
    You cannot drink alcohol.
    You have no education of any importance.
    You can, but should not be allowed to, drive. Good for you.
    You can, but should not be allowed to, get married. Ill-advised.
    And most importantly,
    2. I am about to graduate college and start on my masters degree, which takes about 15 hours a day for 4 years to accomplish, something that you cannot possibly relate to, so please,


    Regarding Dyne and how he runs Bleachexile:
    [sp]from my Blog
    Here is a newsflash guys, Dyne is the owner, period. Where you people get off telling him what he can and can't do is beyond me. He can do w/e the hell he wants and there is nothing you can do about it, its his fucking site. BE has 315000 members and counting, it takes less than a week to bring in $1600 from donations, nothing you people do will stop this. These forums don't matter to Dyne, he doesn't make any money off of them, they are like a bonus for us. The comments pages, people get all offended by the way they are treated there..o well. They make up less than 1% of the membership, they are irrelevant. His posts on the forums are hilarious, people get all offended and then start a pathetic war against him saying how as an admin he should set an example, bullshit. In the end they are usually banned and o fucking well, no loss. The forums don't need that kind of stupidity anyways. I don't see the problem with that at all. I'll let you guys in on a little secret, Dyne is much nicer than I am, seriously. Get over the fact that Dyne runs this site anyway he wants, its his right to do so. He is arrogant, so what. Its the internet. I'm an asshole. Which would u rather have running the site.
    The truth is out, rukia lovers are homosexuals: