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May 24, 2017
Mar 25, 2010
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South Africa
Video editor, Illustrator and graphic designer

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Wide Eyed, Female, from South Africa

just peeking in too see if any of the old faces are still here May 24, 2017

nantia was last seen:
May 24, 2017
    1. nantia
      just peeking in too see if any of the old faces are still here
      1. Koshka_Goddess
        yo. whassup?
        May 28, 2017
    2. Deimos
    3. Deimos
      hey that sounds awesome. so i see youre still doing the movie gig regardless. keep at it and who knows. im mostly doing game development as a programmer and web programming.

      and for be, well it's complicated a lot had to relocate due to some things, it's cool, maybe i can say more in the near future. but all is fine at our end.
    4. greg770
      Sounds great, it seems like you've traveled a lot. And yes I did.
    5. Deimos
      on the 16th, but thx. hey, how come youre in london? work..or? and congrats.
    6. greg770
      I've been up to figuring out how to live life and earn good money. basically, nothing really special.

    7. greg770
      You'd never elect me. Or expect me..
    8. Deimos
      hey peep, nothin' much.
      how've u been?
    9. BleachPrincess
      Remember me? :D
    10. Roostophe
      see I didn't think you would thats why I said
    11. Roostophe
      Well no it was more directed at you
    12. Roostophe
    13. greg770
      I think I will. see ya.
    14. greg770
      I would've never thought you can like or miss working in the office.
    15. greg770
      daww poor you. Image enlargement company lol.
    16. greg770
      I'm doing good thanks for asking. You?
    17. greg770
      More like friends, it really depends how often you see them and where they live.
    18. greg770
      Nope only cousins. Which is good.
    19. greg770
      took you exactly 1 month to answer. So you got a sis, where is she?
    20. Hollow_Flare
      Good attitude. I stop caring after I reached 25
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    South Africa
    Video editor, Illustrator and graphic designer
    • Female
    teasing Roostophe


    "Sanity? Worthless things like that, I never had them for
    as long as I can remember!"
    Zaraki Kenpatchi


    best quotes! and Division Banners







    Council of the 6th,
    by BenassiX
    [SP]“The Council of the 6th”

    Razvan_Asakura: People from distant lands, friends of old… You’ve been summoned here to answer the threat of Internet Trolls. BE stands upon the brink of destruction. None can escape it. You will unite, or you will fall. Each division is bound to this fate, this one doom! Bring forth the Hogyoku, nantia.
    *nantia puts the Hogyoku on the table*
    Vespy: So it is true.
    *everyone stares upon the Hogyoku with desire*
    Vespy: In a dream… I saw the eastern sky grow dark… yet in the west a pale light lingered… a voice was--
    Arty: Boring!
    Vespy: Quiet you! This is my monologue!
    Arty: Skip to the point!
    Vespy: We should use the Hogyoku to materialize…*reaches out* our own desires…
    Razvan_Asakura: Voom!
    *kagehisa stands up and casts a very intimidating spell that causes Vespy to sit down*
    Kagehisa: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
    Razvan_Asakura: Oh goddammit! Save that line for your exams!
    Kagehisa: I do not ask your pardon, master Razvan… for the Black Speech of Internet Memes may yet be heard… in every corner of the 6th! The Hogyoku is all together evil.
    Vespy: It is a gift. A gift to the foes of Internet. Why not use this Hogyoku? Long has my father, the Steward of BE, kept the forces of Internet trolls at bay. By the blood of our mods are your forums kept safe. Give BE the weapon of the enemy. Let us use it against them.
    Benassi-x: You cannot wield it. None of us can. The Hogyoku answers only to the Ultimate Troll Of Them All: Aizen. It has no other master.
    Vespy: And what would a Jedi know of this matter?
    JeMB: This is no mere Jedi. He is Darth X, son of Darth Efka. You owe him your allegiance.
    Vespy: Darth X. This is Vader’s heir?
    JeMB: And heir to the throne of BE.
    Benassi-x: Sit down, bambi.
    Vespy: BE has no king. BE needs no king.
    Kagehisa: X is right. We cannot use it.
    Razvan_Asakura: You have only one choice. The Hogyoku must be destroyed.
    -MaNi-: What are we waiting for? *attacks the Hogyoku with his axe, but it gets shattered to pieces*
    Razvan_Asakura: The Hogyoku cannot be destroyed, -MaNi-, son of gaga, by any craft that we here possess… The Hogyoku was made in the fires of 4chan… Only there can it be unmade. It must be taken deep into /b/ and cast back into the fiery chasm where it was made. One of you… must do this.
    *deadly silence*
    Vespy: One does not simply walk into 4chan… It’s Black Gates are guarded by more than just trolls. There is evil there… that does not sleep. The Great Meme… is ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland… riddled with fire and Ash and dust. The very air you breathe is a poisonous fume… Not with 10,000 men could you do this. It is folly.
    JeMB: Have you heard nothing Lord Razvan has said? The Hogyoku must be destroyed!
    -MaNi-: And I suppose you think you are the one to do it!
    Vespy: And if we fail, what then? What if Aizen takes back what is his?
    -MaNi-: I will be dead before I see the Hogyoku in the hands of an Eastern European!
    *everyone starts arguing amongst themselves*
    -MaNi-: Never trust Eastern Europeans!
    Rufix: Do you not understand? While you bicker amongst yourselves, Aizen’s power grows!
    Kagehisa: None can escape it! You’ll all be destroyed!
    *Meanwhile, nantia stares into the Hogyoku whilst realizing her inner desires:100 hot man-slave butlers serving around her everywhere*
    Nantia: I will take it.
    *everyone keeps arguing*
    Nantia: Douchebags!
    GaaraoftheGravel: Everyone, stop! Nantia is trying to say something!
    *everyone turns around*
    Nantia: Thanks, sweetie. Listen, everyone! I will take it! I will take the Hogyoku to 4chan. But… I do not know the way. Any hot guys volunteering to help me?
    Kagehisa: I will help you bear this burden, Nantia… as long as it is yours to bear.
    Benassi-x: If by my life or death I can protect you… I will. You have my lightsaber.
    JeMB: And you have my awesomenessness.
    -MaNi-: And my e-penis!
    Vespy: You carry the fates of us all, little one. If this is indeed the will of the 6th… then BE will see it done.
    *Captain_Kisuke jumps out of the bushes*
    Captain_Kisuke: Ms. Nantia is not going anywhere without me!
    Razvan_Asakura: It is hardly possible to separate you, even when she is summoned to a secret Council and your are not.
    *UIMG and Shinobi_Sosp jump out of the bushes too*
    Shinobi_Sosp: We’re coming too! You’ll have to send us home tied up in a sack to stop us!
    Urahara Is My God: Anyway, you need people of intelligence in this sort of mission. Quest. Thing.
    Shinobi_Sosp: Well, that rules you out, Dylan.
    Razvan_Asakura: Nine companions… So be it. You shall be the Fellowship of the 6th!
    Urahara Is My God: Great! …Where are we going?

    Gaga: This calls for a… chocolate party![/SP]