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Feb 7, 2011
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not here,obviously
Fuck you,I won't tell

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<font color="#CC0000"><b>bot</b></font>, from not here,obviously

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Feb 7, 2011
    1. DK
    2. Paragon
      lol glad you like it! Did it remind you a little of Gantz to begin with?
    3. Skeletor
      I asked to get in hm like 3 weeks ago, do you have an answer yet
    4. xX GetaBoshi Xx
      xX GetaBoshi Xx
      so i'm actually adding too much to a thread? Whats wrong with that if i'm not double posting and if many people aren't posting either? Im just sharing funny pictures. And if they're not funny that's your own opinion really. That's fucked up
    5. Joji
      doesn't work anymore.
    6. xX GetaBoshi Xx
      xX GetaBoshi Xx
      Wait? Just because I comment on a pic or post too many its spam? Isn't still considered staying on topic?
    7. fractal
      and do it anyway, eh?
    8. fractal
    9. fractal
      he is not a good rolemodel!!!!!
    10. fractal
      haha, stop that, you sound like joji!
    11. fractal
    12. fractal
    13. fractal
    14. fractal
      sup metabells, if you wanna have a go at VH ill support you. and when you get bored you can come back. :)
    15. xX GetaBoshi Xx
      xX GetaBoshi Xx
      Wait what did I do to get my post deleted in the Funny pics thread?
    16. Joji
      u want it lol? theres only 2 and 1/2 active members in there.
    17. geepee
      it was getting on my nerves. it said something about 'WOW' in its post
    18. geepee


      he wants you. ban-kai
    19. geepee
      tbh i knew what your message said on my page. and then someone linked me to something and then i forgot what your question was but i think u asked me who else was over there and pretty much the 8th division is active over there among some other BEphiles imo. i just cant think. it comes and goes but yeah they've gotten a lot better. oh mazrum is on there now
    20. geepee
      he makes dupe accounts and keeps asking if someone will help him design a mix tape cover.
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    not here,obviously
    Fuck you,I won't tell
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    Banging in the back of Doug's car


    Courtesy of Parasite :p
    Scored by Kyo

    There was a man who sent ten different puns to friends,with the hope that at least one of the puns would make them laugh.Unfortunately no pun in ten did.


    [SP][SP][​IMG][/SP] Proud member of
    [SP][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    My zanpakutou[sp] Name: Apocalypto

    Unreleased Form:[sp][​IMG] [/sp]


    Release command:雷は私の刃になる(The thunder will become my blade)

    * The zanpakutou is released and small bolts of light and thunder are emitting from it *

    Abilities:1st: 殴打の雷(Strike,thunder)-huge bolts of thunder are blasted from the blade and attack my opponent(something like GT)
    This technique has the disadvantage in speed but it is enhanced by the power and amount of my current reiatsu and turns into a deadly blow when in full power

    2nd:電光シャワー(Lighting Shower)-Lightnings and thunders are summoned from the sky
    They cover a total radius of 7 m^2,circling my opponent and trapping him in sth like a cage.The lightnings also are used as a cover for my presence as both me and my reiatsu are masked by the special ability of lightning and then I can sneak attack my opponent
    This technique is also efficient for long ranged battles/fights
    Shikai form:[SP][​IMG][/SP]

    Spirit form:[sp][​IMG] [/sp]