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Soul Society Rebel is Snarky, from here and there

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Nov 6, 2013
    1. b1uttercup
      I am so sorry to hear that you dont feel as well Lil. I shall keep you in my prayers sweetie.
    2. b1uttercup
      sorry for late reply, I've been feeling very sick. Happy belated New Year too sweetie :smile:
    3. ShivaDark19
      Hey, Happy New Year! Hope you're having a great night. What are you doing to celebrate? I bought myself a new game (playing it now) and baked some brownies.
    4. b1uttercup
      Hapy holidays
    5. Yamato9911
      Hello, How are you today? I know i don't know you, but by your posts, you seem nice lol :)
    6. Ryukotsusei
      You joined quite a while ago. I am still trying to figure out exactly what this thing is for lol, sorry, i know you don't know me, i just get bored a lot. Teenages do that.
    7. kisuke55
      Cool,I love those books too.
    8. kisuke55
      Have you read "The Talisman" yet? you know that Black house is part 2 and the Talisman is part 1 right?
    9. lurch
      its fine I tend to over complicate things.

      Though I am trying to simplify and clarify.
    10. lurch
      I was going on the context of the poster before Us in that thread. I know.
    11. lurch
      Post in my blog if you wanna be on the members list. Also let me know what you plan to follow. Both the choices are labeled in my sig and also the link to the blog is there.
    12. b1uttercup
      I added your dragon hatch link to my list for dragon hospitals. You're the best :bigsmile:
    13. b1uttercup
      I've got some good hatching sites. "Eggs around the world" and "Egg Drop Soup" are my 2 favs. I used them today to hatch my eggies.
    14. b1uttercup
      Did you know that you dont need any clicks to hatch your eggies? Zero. I have a bunch of adults that have no clicks and many with just one click.
    15. b1uttercup
      hiya Lil. Wow, it's been so long since we talked. Um, I noticed your raising dragons, I'm an expert and have around 300 of them, remove the spoiler cause it's the views that'll hatch 'em, I also started a dragon f/c if you wish to join, I have a ton of others who are gonna join. Eggies rule lol, and you can use spoiler once they are adults
    16. lurch
      No problem. Its the most popular one on that site for mature search word. I found it plenty funny and had some interesting plots. Characters that had some history to make you want to know more.
    17. lurch
    18. kisuke55
      thanks 4 the add :dancincactus
    19. kisuke55
      yeah b-i has helped me out alot
    20. kisuke55
      wow,a whole year huh,i hope it dont take me that long.
      its shame your not sticking around,the guild needs more active zansmiths
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    Princess of Panic, Countess of Chaos, Diva of Destrustion...Don't fuck with me!

    don't you wish you knew?


    Formally Rukia_Kurosaki

    My Dragon Scroll:
    Click the Eggs or they'll die



    My Zan:
    Tenshi Kaisei *Fire Born Angel*
    [sp]Tenshi Kasei's spirit is wild and un-harnessed. She is very much the essence of the flames from which she was born. She is hot tempered and quick to react. Feisty and strong-willed, she fights with reckless abandon. Her world is a cluster of clouds; gray and smokey with flecks of white mixed within. She is in the center of the clouds wrapped in fire that emanates from her very center and flows outward around her

    Sealed Form
    In her sealed form Tenshi Kasei is about 18 1/2 in long with a blade that is 1 3/8 wide. Her blade in sealed form is 12in. She is solid red, with orange flecks running throughout, to mimic flames * looks very similar to the pic but with flecks of orange throughout and a phoenix inlay instead of a dragon*[/sp]

    Released Form
    In her released form, Tenshi is a katana about 25 1/2 in long, with a blade width of 2in. She is blood red and burnt orange. The colors are that of the flames she represents. The guard is the shape of a phoenix whose red, gold, and orange wings wrap around the handle of the zan, giving the wielders hand(s) some protection. The ribbons coming of the guard at the end of the handle are the same red, gold, and orange colors of the guard. The blade is transforms from a solid object to that of flames upon being released yet it still cuts as if completely whole. Image courtesy of Hentai[/sp]

    [sp]Much like a phoenix, she can temporarily restore life to a recently dead entity. This power is limited to a small number (7 or less) and upon being slain by an enemy, the re-animated lifeform becomes permanently dead and cannot be restored again. However the exception to this is, if the wielder “destroys” the re-animated in a flame, they can become reborn at the wielders command for an indefinite number of times during the battle. Because of this, her power and her wielder's power are directly attached to each other, almost symbiotic of one another. For every life Tenshi Kasei restores, a small bit of her wielder's spirit pressure is used. Since the power is spirit based, Tenshi Kasei can be used to restore the life of any spirit being. However, upon re-animation, their skills and fighting ability is limited and they are essentially puppets of Tenshi Kasei’s wielder

    She cannot revive or re-animate anything with a greater spiritual pressure than herself, and she can not use her technique multiple times without break. This allows for setting up perfect “traps” where an enemy believes they have defeated an “army” only to find they haven’t.

    Other powers Tenshi Kaisei has are: The ability to heal her Wielder and those near her with her flames. This is strictly at kidou based skill of hers and the wielders joint effort.

    [sp]Hi in Senrei (Baptism in Fire)
    The blade of Tenshi Kasei becomes wrapped in flames which then allows her to destroy a physical beings body to the point where the soul leaves, thus allowing her to then re-animate the ashes for use in combat situations. She can also use this attack to just destroy an enemy without using the resurrection technique. *this release is designed to deceive the enemy by making them think the Zan has been released*

    Ansatsusha Tenshi’s (Angel’s Assassination)

    Silent attack where Tenshi Kasei can attack from behind with a blade of fire slitting their throats, attack is limited to a 3 use attack because of reiatsu used. Because of the nature of this attack, it is both physically and spiritually draining on her wielder. However, this attack can be used at long distances, allowing her to virtually assassinate her enemy sight unseen. By doing so, she sends out a condensed fire “blast” at her enemy thereby slitting their throats..*Bankai should she achieve it, has no limit on use and severs it's victims head, she would also be able to remove the head of her victim from a distance in Bankai*.[/sp] [/sp]​