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Can'-Ka No Rey,End-World

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Retired super villain, Male, from Can'-Ka No Rey,End-World

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Oct 8, 2017
    1. kisuke55
    2. zuki
    3. zuki
    4. IchigoMoonCutter
    5. ShivaDark19
      Cool, I'll chat to you there. Hope all is good with you though.
    6. Bankai - Ichigo
      Bankai - Ichigo
      I'm doing pretty good. How about you? When was the last time we spoke. . . ?
    7. greg770
      sky is up.
    8. lurch
      Hey buddy. Not too much. Chilling at home. Got caught up on one piece
      not a fan but give the entertainment factor some respect.
    9. lanif1
      The sky [IMG]

      I'm chilling and playing Tales of Xillia.
    10. ShivaDark19
      Hey, how are you?
    11. b1uttercup
      and awesome, I'll add zuki to our dragon f/c. thankie for the heads up
    12. b1uttercup
      and, hey, do you belong to another website cause I would love to join :)
    13. b1uttercup
      Hi, hiya, sorry for late reply, I've been in hosp 3 times. the 1st time, I fell down a flight of stairs and fractured my skull and broke my rib and my shoulder and got rushed by ambulance to hosp, then I llost control of my legs and was ruushed to hosp for a week, and got rushed again by ambulanced to hosp have you been? Please excuse my typing cause my shoulder didnt heal correctly. I havent used computer for over 6 months.
    14. Serveta
      Hey Kisu, rebuilt the site with Shiva & Bravo, come help out, be glad to have you back.
    15. Serveta
      Hey killer, we updated the site, check it if your bored.
    16. Serveta
      Lot's of free time, no longer working atm.
    17. Serveta
      Been awhile, how are you doing man?
    18. blackrosesxo
      Hi Kisuke it's been so long since if seen ya. ^.^
    19. Serveta
      How disappointing I'm held up cause of comp. issues and everyone leaves.
    20. Bankai - Ichigo
      Bankai - Ichigo
      You're welcome.
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    Can'-Ka No Rey,End-World
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    Thanks to aono for the awesome sig.
    My stuff :urh
    My Zanpakto :urh2
    Name:Un no sono Hyō kami ヒョウ神の運 (Luck of the panther God)
    Element: dust/hair
    Type:close combat
    Focus: agility
    Realm and spirit

    Un no sono Hyō kami's realm is a vast system of caverns.Inside it's completely dark.The only light visible is a faint luminous grey-green light that comes from the various ponds.


    Un no sono Hyō kami takes two forms,the inner world form,and the outer world form.
    His inner world form is that of two giant glowing grey-green eyes that look down at me from the above darkness.
    When he speaks his voice echo's thru the cavern.
    His outer world appearance is that of a giant etheral black panther.On all fours he stands 5 feet tall and 18 feet in length.When he moves,grey dust falls from his pelt making it seem as though he's surrounded by a cloud of dust.

    Sealed form
    Un no sono Hyō kami is an 18 inch wakizashi blade.The blade is silver with a black tsuka ito grip.In its sealed form it has no guard.


    Name:Neko Bast no shizen 要素の猫神 (Cat God of elements)
    Release command:Hunt! Neko Bast no shizen!
    Release form
    It is still an 18 inch wakizashi blade.But the blade is now black with a grey tsuka ito grip.It now has a circular guard made out of grey hair with grey hair protruding from between the tsuka ito straps.The hair looks soft and fluffy but is actually razor sharp.
    It has an 8 inch long grey tail attached to the bottom of the hilt.
    Release animation
    I hold my sword in front of me with both hands;the blade pointed straight up.
    As I say my release command,I bring my right hand straight down from the hilt.As I do so a grey tail appears going down,and the blade changes going up.
    As I fight,the hair from Un no sono Hyō kami's tail infused with my reishi gradually sheds into the air,
    grey dust also sheds from the hilt of my sword as I fight,mixing with, and controlling dust.
    My ability also controls any reishi that is airborn as well,mixing with, and strengthening the reishi of my hairs.
    I have complete control of these particles as well as the elements within the dust and can use them for various attacks.
    The amount of hair shed by my tail is dependent on the amount of damage and spiritual energy I use in battle.
    The more hair shed the stronger my attacks.But if the tail completely dissipates my sword will revert back into sealed state.
    In an extended battle the grey dust shed by my sword can also cause a obscuring effect confusing my opponent.

    Ability#1,Kidou tsume 機動爪 (kidou claw)
    This is a kidou attack I created my self.
    I flood my blade with kidou and the blade briefly splits into a 5 bladed state with the other 4 blades being composed of kidou.

    Ability#2,Shippo muchi しっぽをふる(tail whip)
    This is the only ability I can use immediately after shikai release.This is the ability to extend Un no sono Hyō kami's tail up to 5 times its length instantly.It also makes the hair on its tail razor sharp briefly.

    Ability#3,Kami bakuhatsu 髪の爆発(hair explosion)
    This ability is to cause the hairs that Un no sono Hyō kami's tail has shed to explode.
    The hairs infused with my reishi glow grey-green when activated and create a bunch of tiny micro explosions.
    This attack can be used for disorientation,or as a shrapnel type attack with the hairs piercing the skin before exploding.

    Ability#3,Gyanburu no keiro kousa パスのギャンブルは、交差 (Gamble of paths crossed)
    This is an elemental attack.
    The type of attack is based upon the elements in the dust my hairs have acquired,as well as the type advantage and disadvantage of my opponent.
    The strength of this attack is based upon the amount of bad luck my opponent has built up,which is determined my the amount of times our zanpakto's spiritual pressures have crossed paths after the realease of my shikai.

    Name:Yami no kasha 闇のカーシャ(kasha of darkness)
    Release command: Bankai,descend! Yomi no kasha
    A kasha is a Japanese creature of myth.It is a cat that descends from the sky to carry away corpses.When I call Yomi no kasha.I'm referring to my opponent as a corpse to be carried away.
    release form
    Still an 18 inch wakizashi blade.The blade is now grey with a black tsuka ito grip.The guard is now circular with black hair,and there is black hair protruding from between the tsuki ito straps.
    There is now a 12 inch black tail attached to the bottom of the grip.
    Release animation
    As soon as i say my command,the tail on my hilt explodes and briefly surrounds me with a grey-green cloud of dust.When the cloud dissipates,my sword has changed.
    My speed and destructive power increase 5x's

    Ability#1,Seikatsu saisei 9生命再生
    (9 lives regeneration)
    This ability allows me to heal cuts and open wounds.It cannot grow back missing limbs or organs.
    It instantly activates on bankai release and i can use it up to 8 times after.

    Ability#2,Iki dorobou nemasen 息泥棒睡眠
    (breath thief sleep)
    This ability can only be used when I'm over half way thru my released state.This attack allows me to attack my opponents lungs directly.
    As well as dust,Yami no kasha's ability also gives me power over dust mites,which i can use with this attack to either collapse my opponents respiratory system all together or I can cause the dust mites infused with my reitsu to explode.

    Ability#4,kasha atama kugeki カーシャの頭の攻撃
    (kasha head attack)
    My final and most powerful attack.It can only be used when I'm near the end of my final released state.
    All the reiatsu,hairs,and dust I've released into the air collects unto my body,covering me from head to toe giving me the appearance of a black panther surrounded by a grey mist.
    On my right shoulder is the head of the kasha which looks infused with my shoulder,The eyes of this head glow grey/green,and grey dust and reiatsu pour out of its mouth.
    In this mode I can choose to fight for 180 seconds with all of my abilities 10X's stronger,or I can choose to unleash the full power of my bankai in one final attack.
    With the final attack the head of the kasha moves down my arm from the shoulder taking all the hair,dust,and reiatsu collected on my body as I swing my sword,exploding off of my sword in the form of a giant kasha head which swallows my enemy and carries them into the air before exploding.
    My sword reverts back into its sealed state after this attack.
    My Vizard mask:urh2
    Thank you Cassiee for drawing such an amazing mask!
    My Divisions :urh
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Kisuke55 is the 9th seat of 3rd division
    kisuke55 is the 17th officer and 6th in command guardian of 6th division
    kisuke55 is the Marshall of 13th division
    kisuke55 is the 10th seat of 11th division
    Kisuke55 is a member of 5th division
    kisuke55 is a member of 4th division
    My dragon scroll:urh2
    My sets :urh2

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