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Feb 17, 2015
Jun 2, 2006
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Clearly, not here.
I work part-time at the library

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MIA, from Clearly, not here.

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Feb 17, 2015
    1. Ryuzaki
      Been a while, how you been?
    2. Travis Touchdown
      Travis Touchdown
      Cursed, it's been a while(I'm Kura-kun[If you don't remember that name, then Kurosaki14]). How have you been?
    3. HiME
      ...Dan? :omg:
    4. Detrimentalist
      Hehe, nice. What were your thoughts on it?
    5. Rosh
      Hey Cursed hows things dude?
    6. Detrimentalist
      Hehe, that's awesome, didn't realize there were any other fans on BE :P and don't worry, I'm not especially good either. By the way, something that might interest you is that I stumbled across an anime of Touhou. It isn't official, it's fan made, but it's actually really quite good, the artwork, production and plotline is all good quality and it's overall the kind of thing a follower of Touhou would have a fangasm over :P
    7. Detrimentalist
      Hmm, couldn't help but notice your sig and ava of Remilia Scarlet, you're a Touhou fan too?
    8. maxime1007
      Yo, is your ava and sig from Touhou?
    9. fractal
      oh yeah, sorry. i forget how fetal you are. no, you would just need to do premed curriculum at college, as your next step.
    10. fractal
      for reals? sure i can give you advice. taken the MCAT yet?
    11. Rosh
      Thanks for accepting... : )
    12. Sublime
    13. fractal
      ha! i love it.
    14. fractal
      trolling, eh?
    15. fractal
      did ash contact you when she 'needed a huge poll'? how flattering.
    16. HiME
      Hey Dann :)
    17. fractal
      lol, then, thats what i thought it was! do i smoke crack?
    18. fractal
      well, isnt megaban one of the options?
    19. fractal
      yes, and so can you!!!
    20. fractal
      omg now they are talking about RPGs?
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    Clearly, not here.
    I work part-time at the library
    • Male
    Bleach, 3d computer modeling, shooting guns, and playing video games.



    My Sigs and Zan


    [sp]Owner of the: [​IMG] Robot Chicken FC

    Member of the:
    Screw FC Banners FC[/sp]
    My Zanpakutou V1.5
    [sp]Sealed Form[sp]
    Name:Sanseiu (acid rain)

    Release Command: Tokasu (Melt)

    Description: Basic katana, althought slightly shorter than normal at 2.5ft. It has a green hilt[/sp]Shikai[sp]Description: My sword does not change whatsoever in terms of appearance. However it does gain an unearthly green glow

    Abilities: I now gain the ability to create poison gas/acid gas at will at direct it in anyway I want. The gas is extremely corrosive, capable of damaging even bloodstone, and one good breath of it will instantly kill most people, however, higher tier beings like vice-captains can withstand breathing in the normal concentration of gas. The gas is fully combustible, whenever I choose it to be. In addition to the gas, an aura of poison and acid engulfs the surrounding area. Anyone within the area of the aura is incapable of releasing their zanpakutou, or using their shikai unless they were stronger than me. They will also feel sluggish, and weakened. The energy drained from them will be added to my own, and the effect is cumulative for everyone I drain. This will have a lower effect on higher level beings.

    Special Attacks: I have main unnamed special attacks that just is me manipulating acid in different ways, however I do have some main specials, and some named ones.

    Special Attack 1: I condense the acid into a solid/liquid state, and launch it flying at the opponent in a way similar to Getsuga Tenshou.
    Special Attack 2: I swirl the acid gas around creating a powerful whirlwind, and launch it flying at the enemy, dissolving, and blowing them a way at the same time.
    Adauchi Arashi: I engulf both myself and the enemy in a swirling storm of acid. Any injuries that I have suffered are given back to the opponent tenfold.
    Shougeki Myaku: I condense the acid around my feet, and ignite it, causing air to quickly expand, causing a power shockwave to expand from me hitting knocking back anything it hits, and stunning them.
    Jitome no Choujin: My blade emits a aura that deprives any in the surrounding area of the ability to use special abilities, including myself. It does not however, remove any existing abilities.
    [/sp]Bankai:[sp]Soudai Sanseiu (Grand Acid Rain)

    Abilities: Creates a literal sea of acid. And I mean condensed acid like the one in my shikai's special attack. The gas above the acid is still normal acid though. Anything VC level or lower hit by the acid in the sea will be all but disintegrated. A captain level or higher can take a blast from it, but will suffer injuries. It covers an area of 1.5 square miles, and the acid cloud covers and area of 4 square miles. The cloud itself reaches several miles into the sky. The aura has also increased to a staggering 10 square miles. The depth of the sea depends on what I want it to be, although it is never more than 50ft deep. As a side note, I'm not affected by my own acid, and its still combustible.

    Special Attacks: I can manipulate the sea in anyway I want, leading to some interesting pseudo-specials. In addition I retain the use of some specials I had in my shikai. I also gain a few others.
    Special Attack 1: I create a tornado on the sea, like a waterspout except with acid, than I launch it at the enemy
    Special Attack 2: I create monstrous waves of acid. Plain and simple, but effective
    Special Attack 3: I charge the acid particles in the sky to create lightning, and zap people with it.
    Inochinotsuna: One of my Zanpakutou's passive abilities in Bankai. This ability essentially forcibly connect my spirit force to my Zanpakutou, stopping any ability that disrupts my ability to use my Bankai, or special abilities. This ability is constantly activated, and cannot be deactivated.
    Final Form Tenmou: All the acid that was created from my bankai swirls around, and condenses on my body to change my form to that of a large gray transparent cloaked figure. The whole of my body is now condensed acid. Touching me will instantly dissolve anything regardless of it's spirit power. In addition I gain a large scythe, that looks wispy similar to my body. When it is swung, anything in it's path is annihilated. It can also fire dense waves of clear acid in an arc in front of me. As always I can still ignite the acid, however it still has no effect on myself.

    Ultimate Attack
    1st Stage Mukennaraku: EXTREMELY CLASSIFIED
    2nd Stage Tenchikaibyaku: EXTREMELY CLASSIFIED[/sp]​