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May 20, 2008
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Oct 17, 2017
    1. Ether101
      Do you hang anywhere else on the net?
    2. Inazagi
      Just saw that the last time I left a message here was three years ago.

      So, hello. :)
    3. Deimos
    4. Galkaman
      Well, if you ever wanna rag on theists or Xbone hit me up. I haven't been commenting on bleach cause I'm off trying to educate the masses that Buying an Xbone is handing over your consumer rights lol.
    5. dumpman
      your visitor page is very lonely
    6. dumpman
      taime 2 troll kubo
    7. pumpkin13
      He has definitely been giving Yama more page space for fights in the last 200 chapters or so, first with Wonderwice, then Aizen and now all of this.
    8. lanif1
      Thus all we can do is hope and pray to our divine deity Kubo for Bleach to get better. [IMG]

      By the way, I'm supposed to be recruiting members to join Jegans (xrawrxs) 7th division and I don't suppose your interested? It would be nice to add you to our discussions so we could converse more.
    9. lanif1
      Ha, it does seem a ridiculous concept to think about doesn't it, this total noob controls all of them petals and manages to defeat the master of petals, then there's Renji that gets one shot by a big fist, he's took worse than that before.
      I'm just loving these cut and paste abilities that the quincies are using by the way, multiple power sealers ftw. :lmao:
    10. kisuke55
      Welcome back to the darkside:evil:
    11. Bibliophile
      I missed your post. What'd you say?
    12. The_Heart
      Japan is definitely on my list of places to visit. On that list would also be the all the Scandinavian countries, and most of the other major European countries. If only I had the money. How about you, any points of interest?
    13. Bibliophile
      Ha, well said. The love I have for you is that of a mother for her child. Your intelligence is vast, but you have enough skepticism that you don't trust everything you see immediately. Combine this with the growth you've undergone since coming here and your ability to see past yourself in these discussions and you'll realize what a great contributor you've become to the semi-intellectual conversation that takes place and that makes me <3. The seedling has grown to be the mighty oak.
    14. Bibliophile
      Seriously, B-I's pseudo-intellectual, matter of fact post concerning his opinion just make me awestruck at how infinite human stupidity is. Especially since he seems to see something that NO ONE else sees. I don't know if genius or master troll.
    15. The_Heart
      It's a trap! If you befriend me you'll get the Bleach AIDS :p
    16. Bibliophile
      She's a female B-I, don't fall for it.
    17. The_Heart
      Thanks for the rep.
    18. Grimmjowned
      Those people can really annoy me sometimes.... What annoys me even more is at my school where I have friends that substitute the actual reality in Bleach and simply replace it with their own.... Well boy did that change when I argued at Halibel being alive and they tried to prove me wrong.... hahahaha :P But I like to listen to the other sides of a story and I only end up paying attention if enough evidence is actually provided. You provided more than enough to pique my curiosity and I saw that what you said was true and I'm also not the kind of person to argue with another's honest opinion otherwise :)
    19. Grimmjowned
      Your reasoning is very good on the forums so I have come to respect you :)
    20. Bibliophile
      You belong to a division?
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