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Oct 3, 1988 (Age: 29)
Journalism student

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Arrives when he means to, 29

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Oct 27, 2015
    1. Mambojeek
      ok , will do :)
    2. nantia
      Guess what i got a job!!! as an inhouse designer for ecnet! Ill be doing all sorts of things, from documentaries, to product design, publishing, branding and tv ads! even some interior design oh yea and loads of busness trips! my boss was like, well i can only hire some one whos ok with travelling, ull be making trips to hongkong, newwyork botswanna , ziimbabwe and london etc etc, i was trying to play cool, oh yes i can do that, but inside i was jumping for joy!!!!!! Its a really corperate enviroemt which i dont like, but other than that its an awsome job! I start next year! Im s o chuffed! wooa loads of typos, i need to slow down!
      Anyway! yea even pics of the outside of a "convi" (7/11) or whatever, ill be happy! AH i flunked my test, but not as badly as i thought i would, i have another one on wed, but ive been in zimbabwe last week, i just got back today, (im ex zimbo, we went to see family and friends) so once agin im unprephared! ha ha! I really have to study harder!!!
      In zim we celebrated my grans 80th, so i made her a coffee table book, that documented her life, with photos , old documents and letters etc, it took me a month to do, fucking hard work! (each page was designed anally! (im a perfectionist to my detriment!)) but it looked awesome, i also made a movie with all these old 16mm home movie footage from 50's 60s 70s etc, of my grans life , that was even cooler! (and less work, for me anyway! since editing comes easily to me!)
      the money from poker night is gone, and i cant even remember what i spent it on!
      well i read lots of yaoi! so maybe i was just fantasising(train thing)... he he, sorry! moving on!
      You going back? how long do you intend to say there? you must be loving it! thats great!
      Do they really find foriengners intimidating? or is it just the guys cause they bigger? are japanese kids our age, really that much shorter as a race, or is that a bad generalisation?
      Have u been to a gaming arcade? Or the beach? what are the beaches like their say in comparison with durban or cape town?
      why dont u ask them about the flip phone thing.. id be very interested to know!! Its a starnage phenomena to me! But im kinda excited that its a real thing! ( i thought maybe they more aesthetic to draw or something)
      Sounds like you work pretty hard tho! whats ur social life like in general?
      And HAVE U BEEN TO THE ROOF YET!!!!! very important! cant say u had a proper japanese highschool experience untill uve had a smoke on the roof!!!! (well as far as im concerened anyway!!! :tongue:)
    3. nantia
      oh yea and do they all use flip phones like in manga?
    4. nantia
      sorry its been so long! I have been going to loads of job interviews, and even tho i kinda got a lot of job offers at production companies as an assistant editor, ive been delaying it cause i wanna work as a graphic designer or illustrator ( but im not finding those kinds of jobs:sad:). But i guess i shouldnt be too picky!!

      How things on ur end? Xmas is comming soon!!! and new yrs! are u gonna do all the typical things? Can u take pics of ur school? and where u live? and other places, id love to see!! ahh is it snowing yet? and how are ur students doing?

      mmm.. lets see, i won about 5 grand, (actually 4500) on our last poker night with my friends, i was super happy cause one of the guys that comes is really good, hes dad is a south african poker cham or something, and that day loads of pple kept rebuying in again and again, so the pot got really big!! Such bliss!!! im thinking about what to spend it on... i like looking at it,(the wad of cash) so i might end up not spending it for a while!!

      I have a test on my hirigana next week.... im totally unprephared! do u write much japanese, i mean do u really use it? is it actually usefull being able to read it? (well im just trying to soften the impending doom of totally flunking!)
      I loved the peach picking, did u snack on them while working? id be so tempted to! oh and have u been gropped on a train yet? he he, u can tell me if u have u know!! :biggrin:

      ahh and when is the school festival? u have to tell me all about that!!!!!
      well, sorry i dont really have interesting news on my side, (other than bragging about winning the poker game!) Please even so... send me a nice long mail with lots of cool things about ur daily life there!
    5. fractal
      i actually have the audiobooks. awesome for long drives. im really liking them!
    6. fractal
      yes, game of thrones is awesome! and im on the third book, now.
    7. nantia
      i just read back my post, sorry its so haphazard! Structure has always been a weak point! But I like to think im like joyce... exploring stream of consciousness, or a deconstructive philisophical out look!!! HA HA ha ha... ehem! right..
    8. nantia
      No worries, although tbh, the only reason i come onto BE these days is to check for ur messages. Ive kinda lost interest in it.
      Yea greece is freezing cold in winter, hot and humid, 35 to 40 degrees in sumer, and snow and ice in winter, probably very similar to japanese climate, since the're about the same line of latitude. Yea its spring here, and my garden smells of manure, cause some garden company is fixing up the area.. and flys every where, my room is foggy with incence smoke,, just to deal with the smell.
      Btw, do u know Pooru sempai? hes the guy teaching me japanese, he said he did lessons in pretoria so i wondered if he taught u as well?

      Ok now... im running out of questions to ask, but i still want u to tell me all about it!! Like do u have a rice cooker? Well i grew up in Zim and our schools students were way more disiplined than schools in sa, so i think it might be normal... sa students are the strange ones he he! ;)
      Can students only attend one club like in the anime? i mean, ive always thought that was a bad policy, what if u wanna do art and kendo?
      Is it hard teaching highschool level english in japanese? U did the english teaching course i assume? Have u visited tokyo yet? u gotta go to... what's it called, that area thats devoted to selling manga and anime stuff... btw have u bought shonen jump yet? and do u find stuff like that in english?
      What about a public bath? Have u tried that out yet? or hotsprings? def have to do hotsprings!!!! And have u been to any festivals yet, or worn a yukita? well actually it (seems like no worries of me running out of things id like to know!)
      It sounds like so much fun... Im really loving ur mails!!! Ive been studying my vocab and hiragana, but at moment im more focused on looking for work, ill have to work at least a year or two before i can go to japan, its tooo long! Btw just some home info... the minibus taxi drivers have started an airline company!!!! Can u imagine, taxi drivers congesting the skys!!! I wouldnt ride that airline for any amount of money!

      がんばって.. ill work it out later! so far ha n....meh, (ur probably saying something like gambate, but ill try figure it out properly!!)
      Does it feel familiar in anyway, cause of all the anime uve watched?
      Oh yea and do they have ninja warrior on japanese tv? sony just showing reruns atm... :(
      I know im asking u about very small and basic things, (and mind u, some how i get so excited over the fact that u have a japanes style house and get to eat onigiri, even ur shoe locker at school seems so cool!) but i guess my questions are limited to my experience which initself is limited to anime and manga! So please tell me anything and every thing about Japan!
      looking forward to ur next installmet!!
    9. nantia
      oh yea and post pictures, PLEASE!!!
    10. nantia
      ahhhh! IM SO JEALOUS! (i keep saying that) have u bought onigiri from a convinience store yet??? Thats something i really wanna do! Please spam my page all u like, i got so excited reading it. Yea having real public transport is amazing, u gonna see real snow! u gotta make a snow man and throw snow balls! I remember snow from when i was a kid living in greece and once when i visited greece in winter, its too much fun! ahh and have u gone to a ramin shop yet? what are the high schools like? just like we see in the anime etc? have u been to the roof yet? u gotta hang out on the roof then send me a pic! I wanted to do work related to my degree, so illustration and design or video editing, but i know that would be so much harder find, if that fails, ill try the english teaching as well,
      how things there concerning the tsunami and quakes etc etc, stuff, do u live in a western or japanese style apartment? do the doors slide open etc? u have to do a kotsue thingy in winter then tell me all about it!
      The weather is finally getting warmer here, which means ull be in autum soon... Ive been a bit lazy about getting work, but i finaly finished my port6folio so im gonna start sending it out. Do u wear ur shoes inside? Find out where they put all the extra pairs cause i always wondered about that. You HAVE to tell all these details, i cant believe how excited i get over this!!! maybe its cause ill be going there one day too... ahh now i cant wait!
    11. nantia
      NO way dude!!! I just got back from a very hot and humid holiday in greece! I want the warm weather back!! there isnt enough snow to really make it worth the cold, But wow ur in japan!!!! IM SO JEALOUS! I started japanese lessons cause i want to go work there for a bit one day, u already there! Thats such exciting news! How is it there? tell me all the details, dam u im jealous!
    12. nantia
      yo! so what do u think, well be making snow men soon?! The other day the n1 was white with snow, and the sky was soo black, i couldnt believe it! And i just got back from greece which was 39 degrees on day i left!
    13. fractal
      yeah, ill be stalking you in second fo sho. i love hearing about it! right now im still zombied from the night month. but it is nearly done!
    14. fractal
      so cool youre in japan. that is going to be a great experience. if you have a smart phone dl whatsap so i can better stalk you. it basically gives you free international texting.
    15. darkerealm
      haha good job. :)
    16. fractal
      im cool. no water even close to me. it is just down right beside the river, thankfully.
    17. chenna22
      I've played it at friends places, out of money to buy it right now though >_>
      Gonna wait for those delicious summer sales.
    18. chenna22
      I haven't touched real Starcraft matches in months, never been that good at it haha, I'm a 'casual'. :<
    19. chenna22
      haha yeah, I've been playing since Alpha and did Infiniminer before that.
      Lovin your SC2 background on there.
    20. MCAV
      omg baby duuuuutch hahahaha! :D

      niemand volgt bleach nog. -_-
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