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Sep 28, 2016
Mar 9, 2007
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Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Computer Science Student at Harvardx

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Bankai - Ichigo

Dragon King, from Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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Sep 28, 2016
    1. Moonstriker69
      hey long time no see
      1. Bankai - Ichigo
        Bankai - Ichigo
        Yeah. What's up?
        Aug 18, 2016
    2. Noroi_musha
      I dunno what to tell you, man. All I can tell you is that I'm guessing you learn it as you go. The guy who told me all this stuff never had a problem with that stuff (only doing it when the girl he was with wanted to 'try something'), so I dunno.
    3. Noroi_musha
      I've told you before: I haven't a clue. To be honest, the only reason I know all this stuff is because someone told me this stuff. I'm just repeating what he told me.

      Also, if she "clamps down", it means that she's about to climax. No woman can fake that. So long as you can accomplish that, you'll be fine.
    4. Noroi_musha
      For the first one, I have no idea. Supposedly there is some effort required but I honestly haven't a clue.

      For the second, the amount of time it takes for breasts to grow with that method is painstakingly long. I dunno if there is a size limit, but I wouldn't worry about it too much.
    5. Noroi_musha
      your guess is as good as mine there.
    6. Noroi_musha
      That's only for the ones who are into the hardcore stuff. Not all women are like that, so don't worry.
    7. Noroi_musha
      Oh, so you already know all about it then. Since you have the necessary knowledge, you just need to have more confidence in yourself. Just do your best and worry about that stuff later, otherwise you'll only stress yourself out. Give it your all so you have no regrets!
    8. Noroi_musha
      Actually, that's just a myth. It all depends on the person really. Also, so long as you know the best way to stimulate her libido, you'll do just fine.

      I can tell you ways to do that if you want.
    9. Noroi_musha
      Well, if you don't have it then I dunno what to tell you. You just gotta hope for the best.

      I dunno if you know this or not, but for males it becomes harder to climax each round if you do it more than once at a time. So, unless you go off in less than a minute, I wouldn't worry about it.
    10. Noroi_musha
      That's something I'm not sure about. The only things I can think of are whether or not you have erectile dysfunction or you'll find out when it happens.

      Hell, I don't really know myself. All I know is that I have a lot of self-control.
    11. Noroi_musha
      Well, I wish you the best of luck. Its not like I have the options you do, so I have to do it all by myself or find someone who can introduce me to one. Either way, its proven to be quite the challenge.

      I'm pretty sure you'll end up finding someone sooner than I will.
    12. Noroi_musha
      Ok, religious debate dropped.

      Also, why the rush? Shit going down or you just as eager as I am for a lovely young woman? Rushing can and will bite you in the ass. Trust me on this because I've seen it happen.
    13. Noroi_musha
      Oh, that. It all depends on the person really. Some go through it earlier and some go through it later, but there's really no set age where it happens. I guess people just assume its that age because its around then that it usually happens. You never truly know until it happens. Its just a part of getting old so unless you can maintain eternal youth, you'd have to use certain drugs to temporarily regain it when it happens.

      That doesn't sound very convincing. You said that you'd have a problem if a human was controlling it, but if you think about it, it is. Humans wrote it in the first place and everyone was led to believe that it was written by "God". What proof is there? I can write a convincing story involving a higher being with a generic name too, but does that make it the "word of God"?

      Many stories have a lesson in them. What if the stories shouldn't be taken literally, but theoretically? You're religion says that sex outside of marriage is forbidden, but what if the true meaning is that it should be with the one you truly love? You also said that anal is forbidden, but obviously you can't reproduce through that.

      If you look at it from that perspective, one thing in common is perfectly clear: morals. The lesson meant to teach society the difference between right and wrong. Isn't that the core of a religion in the first place?
    14. Noroi_musha
      Then she must've been fooling around with someone within that time frame, because otherwise its impossible.

      Damn, that's rough dude. Religion is a bitch to deal with. Even more so if the society is so absorbed into it that its become absolute law. It almost sounds like you want more freedom in your life, but your society won't let you. Of course, if that's how you want it then by all means.
      But I could never live like that. I need my freedom. I need the ability to decide my own life rather than someone else deciding it for me.

      As for the whole growth thing, yes its true that it stops growing by age 25, but I don't know about the other thing.
    15. Noroi_musha
      Well, think about this: have you ever seen one that wasn't pink? Every woman is unique with slight variations in that aspect. I think its more along the lines of how their body ages that determines how pink it is.
      A hymen is really the only way you can tell if she is a virgin, of course there are certain factors that rupture it without sex (i.e. a big enough dildo).
      Also, the whole myth about semen staying in their body for longer than three days is just that: a myth. The time frame is 2-3 days. No exceptions.

      Anything else?
    16. Noroi_musha
      So you already knew. It all comes down to how 'normal' the woman's cycle is. Of course, there are a few other factors to consider, but you can see for yourself.

      If there's anything else you need to know, you can PM me or whatever and I'll answer to the best of my knowledge.
    17. Noroi_musha
      Safe days occur normally 3 times a week. Of course, there is no way we can know when exactly those times occur unless she herself knows her cycle. If she knows when her safe days are, then you'll know.

      Also, you don't believe that I know some things about women that they don't? Try me.
    18. Noroi_musha
      Sure do. I know things about women that even THEY didn't know.
    19. Noroi_musha
      For the question you posted in FT chapter discussion, my advice: either ask me or wiki it.
    20. b1uttercup
      Omg, where do you find the time to read and post? You are a posting monster. And holy shit, your eggs and dragons are amazing. I wish I stayed on my computer much more. My last activity was around October and I've missed out on some amazing dragons, but I'm aroud again and hope I can get some awesome dragons too. How is your Sunday going? I'm just hanging around, waiting for my new living room set to be delivered, plus my mother got it for me and free stuff is awesome :bigsmile: and cool, my stuff is here :yes:
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    Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
    Computer Science Student at Harvardx
    • Male
    Graduated--Summer; born on Aril 17, 1990, in Saudi Arabia.

    animes, computer stuff, drawing things; likes to read novels, and likes dragons


    Anime-streaming site, KissAnime. This link is for referral to High School DxD BoRN, by the way; you can find other anime on there as well, of course.
    Click this Spoiler Tag to see (the rest of) my Stuff!
    Bankai - Ichigo's Photobucket--click to see it!
    In this spoiler tag are my three Sig banners that I had made by other people, and their names are in the spoiler tag [I've been experimenting with Photoshop, so my work is there as well now] (first Spoiler Tag is for Bleach, and the second one is for other series):
    Signatures by me, Seikaeku, Mobius, JadorOnizuka, Cmc 42, Goroth, MMZ, KingtheKing, Emperor Tomato Ketchup, notorious UZIMAKI, and Razvan Asakura, respectively (the very first four are my own work, as well as the purple Yoruichi Sig and the Yoruichi Sig with her in partial cat form).
    Air Gear: [​IMG][​IMG]
    Tenjou Tenge: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Eureka-Seven: [​IMG]
    Yu-Gi-Oh! 5d's:
    High School DxD: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Signatures by me, Emperor Tomato Ketchup and SonPan (the YGO 5d's one is from SonPan and the Air Gear and High School DxD ones are my own work; the Natsume Maya Sig (Tenjou Tenge) is also my own work).

    Wanna Learn Something? Here are some quotes in the spoiler tag that you guys may want to look at; they're awesome quotes with great descriptions, you might actually learn something! :zangestu:
    "Life is a game; if you don't have the skills, you won't succeed."

    As Zei's Sig used to say, "The Bankai doesn't make the person, the person makes the Bankai".

    "You can't have everything done your way; otherwise, you'll just become arrogant."
    --Me. This ties in with the thing about nobles: nobles basically get everything they want, and when they don't get something they wanted, they think things like "How could this have happened?!" or "I'm supposed to be the center of everything; the world revolves around me!" But hey, we know that the world revolves around the sun, so that kind of thinking is just wrong; and that, my friends, is what being arrogant is like. Nobles that are arrogant also tend to think that commoners always mean them harm; either that or they just want to "wound their pride". But of course, there are some nobles that are good hearted and actually care about the part of society that aren't nobles--since this is about the Bleach anime/manga series, I'll use two examples of this type of noble person from the Bleach series: Yoruichi (of course, I mean c'mon! She is a princess, but does she care about rank?! No, she doesn't!) Example 2: Ukitake.

    OK, now this one I learned from life: "Life isn't fair; don't fret or worry too much if you don't get a certain thing you wanted, or if something isn't done how you hoped or wanted it to".

    "When asking a question, remember what the what the question was to be able to answer it." Means that when you are asking a question, you should always remember what the question was to answer it.

    "Looks can be deceiving--don't always go by what you think is the truth based on how things appear (to the eyes)."

    "No one is perfect; everyone makes mistakes."
    - Of course it's a cliche (spelling?) saying, but it's still a damn good one.

    "Don't believe half of what you hear and don't always believe everything you see."
    -Another cliche saying, but this one is also a damn good one.

    As Notorious Uzimaki quoted Gandhi in the 3rd Division, "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony". [Uzimaki's explanation of the quote: "too often not the case, rationalizing mis-actions, cognitive dissonance. i always try to remind myself of this quote in difficult situations."